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it was hard. for you to go white hair or. german language tell me about this keep me a little push maybe to interrupt it's to say you want to do their story. boarding and reliable information for margaret. this is news africa coming up to the next fifteen minutes the african union's ultimatum says it done the protests raging in the country they use the military transition council fifteen days to install a civilian government or risk being kicked out of the block. and i always humans and snakes live together in strange harmony you will need the man to pull your gun does will sound while in tone why no women are allowed to eat. then what's going to nigerians be offering alpes o'dowd will meet the actors racking up the comedy
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scene. and pristine window while come to news africa i'm glad you did the military in sudan is facing an ultimatum from the african union to hand over power to civilian government in just to be all face expulsion from the regional group mass prices in the country forced the army to remove president obama from power last week but protesters occupy these sites in the center of the capital far too demanding the complete removal of all vestiges of the regime that ruled the country feel free to create they've resisted attempts by the army to impose order at these sites occupied by the protesters. at. allegation
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from the transitional military council which has ceased paul in sudan has traveled to neighboring ethiopia for talks with the african union here's what a sudanese military spokesman had to say about the transition process and the use to monde's. i would like to say that we are already in the process of choosing a prime minister and to form a civilian government. so we initiated this even before this session with the african union. this is our conviction and this is also the way forward to peace but also we respect it and we are committed to the decision of the a used peace and security council has it for them now there's been some angry reaction to the statement a huge chip isn't mostafa put on sudan in a tikhon dam sudan's military take of a saying it wasn't the appropriate response to the challenges facing the country well researcher and political commentator michael will be gave us his take on the statement and the reaction it sparked among some africans. african union has
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a well articulated policy premix and yet it struggles to implement them so i personally think that it's a zero tolerance and meanings when it comes to military coups because already after the peace and security contingent they decided that yes. saddam function canceled military transition plans on the ground and over the party the civilians they were. definitely in course functions on them so i personally think it's high time that the african continent has had zero tolerance to one thousand meters to go. there was a no backlash towards the african union's criticism or military takeover i personally think one of the reasons is because there's always been a negative perception one of the country top forty. a lot of africans think that it's an x. exclusive for you or to sports and only speaks out when one of them is
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to bolt. so how the challenge is that one hand operating in is determined to zero tolerance to once a military takeover and then the other hand you have how can africans actually celebrating or won't come. out the military costs is. when it comes to taking some of the longest serving leaders. that was research and political commentator michael corby speaking from johannesburg our next story is in uganda and that curious tailed off an island inhabited only by men and snakes about a thousand deadly cobras inhabit the island seen by the fishermen who live there as spirits rather than just snakes number some by linda since about five kilometers off the shore in lake victoria not that women are allowed on to the island only for
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short visits they cannot stay over night. our correspondent julius maganda sent us this report from the island of snakes. island unlike victoria. home to over one hundred fifty thousand birds which give the island a rather particular sound. down below them on the ground a much quieter bastes over one thousand cobras from the island in a unique example of coexistence with man. but. do not be chinese snakes these are spirits of the island attached to our culture. over one hundred fishermen live on the island. and the man will cut on glee is the most experienced. he has lived here for more than forty five years.
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an old man of the sea he has retired from commercial fishing. to ninety seven year old is the custodian of long held customs which for big killing the snakes they called reza believed to be the spirits of a south korean island. i don't really say yes never seen a cobra attack anyone except once when he was attacked himself. to go lower. i must have angered the snake when i carried it out of the house so that i could sleep at a crawl back in but picked it up again and threw it out and then went to bed early i will notice donna surely it crawled back in. this time and picked it up and it turned its head in bit me. on the snake shouldn't be harassed even if it means sharing a bed with some of. the
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trees and this makes moves freely in and out of the wooden now since i have moved the old. one of the fishermen of no reason to panic some even think it's a blessing from the spirits. if it comes into your house that's a spiritual visit. just tell the snake you have no problem and it will not cause you any trouble. is. the name of the island. its traditions are rather strict no one cuts down a tree for any reason. buds to shouldn't be killed and their eggs must not be eaten. but the custom of the prohibits women on the island is the one that is toughest for the fishermen. so don't you know what i would be good to finish your work and go home
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and see your family every day you know how your child spent the night to know what they read and unfortunately it's not possible here one of the pics so what. can tally has to leave the island at least once every two weeks to see his family. at this landing site cord. entirely also so the scotch. when the fishermen need to hear many wants to go to the island with him but he sees that only a limited number of the remote island. we came up with a resolution to use a space that can only accommodate up to two hundred people on the island. the rest of the land is on the conservation watch as breeding grounds for the. breeding ground for the words. traditionally women do not fish in this part of uganda. but some are curious about the full b.
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denial and. if we were allowed to go there it would be nice to set up a business there but we can't do that. it's been like that since. time immemorial no women allowed we can't let that happen. and i've got i. don't want to think that a large population with three thousand islands reached by diversity. he suffered a couple of painful picks from the green hit it goes. a few druther c.c.l. with the more bugs and this makes the humans. know. that and those with fisherman say tell it for a night's crotch it's another chance for katanga to watch over this guy and as the sun goes down. now the chaos of lagos
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isn't a lofty matter if you're stuck in traffic all coping with any of the problems life throws your way and there are many ways of dealing with the stress some young nigerian slow problems can be put off to wait take a look at some rising young stars in the country's comedy scene on and off line. the you know i want to be create comedy sketches to make lives daily shabu in mind geria. right. i just want people to really fast break what i mean reduce for i just want to be like oh yeah that happened to me you know the i just wowed or like blue in a way that it's possible that it will happen in you know a real life situation with more than one million followers on instagram my ragin is
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one of the most popular comedians on one gerry and social media fans say has sketches helped him escape from the hatch of everyday life in lagos right. now very very fresh actually distressed like. when you are angry you're just taking nothing for get what you're going for the. missionary. basement is all from the dead it was so nice and i did it social media isn't the only option for people to own wind. comedy clubs are springing up across me. don't stand up comedian himself opened this one every friday night people gather here for laughter and we. don't says apart from offering entertainment before me at clubs like this is
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a source of extra cash for aspiring comedians a lot of young guys that are naturally funny if you see some comedians perform. for this walk so they quit your job because there's no job so a critic job. at a time when i'm sure. struggling with unemployment and economic hardship comedy is providing a means of escape both online and offline maradi says making people laugh through have videos is the most fulfilling part of our work. received so many messages from people being like over. radios on so much but used to be depressed so in time i'm depressed i watch a video and it makes me so happy and that's like one thing that makes me feel very fulfilled maradi says she would like to go to film school one day and become
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a director in the meantime she continue putting smiles on people's faces with her comedy. and that is that from v.w. news africa you can get all our stories on our website at facebook page till next time i back. to africa. go to reducing. look at that. didn't hear it could go in. the canteen guides car hardly makes some to an environmental projects with sustainable energy. bars. next on d w. r
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come under the hammer. high prices. that's today's art market and it's booming. but who decides what's hot what's not. investing speculating winning and losing we meet some of movers and shakers. made in germany sixteen. to know that seventy seven percent topic are younger than sixty ah. that's me and me and you. came to know what time of course is quite hard on the seventy seven percent who talk about the stuff. from
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politics to flash from calls like to top this is where. the. go to the seventy seven percent. this weekend g.w. . welcome to in the edition of equal africa program today features reports from across africa as well as europe i'm now at the university of nigerian suka in enugu south this nigerian of course on john by my colleagues the alone level in south africa hazy how you don't today jazz greats and good to see you again how everyone.


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